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Pompeo with the uniform of the Italian aviation.

To not all the people who lost their lives in Borgo San Giovanni, i  3e boys at the time, they managed to give back  the voice with a poem, some, like the sons of Giuseppe Selleri in the above poem, are quoted internally to that of the father. He was saved  therefore only the little Pompey who went to live with his aunt Linda and the daughter who was also fatherless. The difficulties of poverty  after the war they led Linda to entrust her daughter to a college in Assisi and Pompeo to one in Collestrada ... so she could study and then  become  non-commissioned officer of the Italian aviation ...  "Peace planes" and a large family arrived for him.  He lived in Perugia and Rome but was returning  for every 25 April, ours, that of '44, and it almost always told  of what had happened that day.  About ten years ago, suddenly, he received the news, later revealed to be incorrect, of the discovery of the tomb of one of his brothers, whose body had never been found in the rubble of San Giovanni, in the cemetery of  Preggio. Pompeo wept for a long time for the emotion of the news showing that  pain that had never left him.

At the beginning of this year Pompeo died, but he did not really leave his Umbertide because it is here that he wanted to go back to rest, close to Giuseppe ad Assunta and his brothers.




Below the memory of the other victims: by clicking on the names below you can access the direct page of the existing "items":

Arrunategni Rivas Mario

Baiocco Giulia

Banelli Hamlet

Neodemia jars

Barn Owl Antonio

Bartoccioli Giulia

Bebi Luciano

Bebi Mari Sunday

Bendini Annunziata

Bernacchi Benedetto

Boldrini Cecilia

Boldrini Elisabetta

Boncristiani Rosa

Borgarelli Armede Gina

Borgarelli Ester

Ciocchetti Fausto

Ciocchetti Giuseppe

Cozzari Veronica

Cozzari Virginia

Ferrari Alfonso

Galmacci Realino

Gambucci Ubaldo

Leonessa Licinius

Marianna manuals

Battlements Argentina

Mischianti Angelo

Mischianti Ida

Monfeli Galeno

Palazzetti Angela

Panbuffetti Giovanna

Pierini Giuseppe

Porrini Assunta

Renato Bengasina

Renga Rosalinda

Renzini Maria

Romitelli Rina

Mario Scraps

Selleri Giuseppe

Tognaccini Delma

Tognaccini Zarelia

Violins Lina

Villarini Bruno

and finally the animals of the village ...

Images comparing the current Piazza 25 aprile with the side buildings of Borgo San Giovanni. after the bomardamento The square is now used as a parking area for cars in the cobblestones  it is reconstructed of the position of the inhabited areas. A panel with the  reconstruction of the old Umbertide before the bombing was installed at the entrance to the square.


- AAVV (Mavarelli-Pascoli state middle school): "Voices of Memory", Municipality of Umbertide and S. Francesco Cultural Center, Umbertide 2002.

-Mario Tosti: " Beautiful works. Information, documents, testimonies and images on life and death events that occurred in the Municipality of Umbertide during the Second World War . Edited by Mario Tosti. Municipality of Umbertide, 25 April 1995.

- Photo: Francesco Deplanu

- Photo: historical photos of Umbertide from the web and from various private archives  to which  we applied the " umbertidestoria " watermark  in this way we try to avoid that further disclosure on our part favors purposes that are not consonant with our intentions exclusively  social and cultural.

- Photo: % 201952.pdf

Voices of Memory

Schermata 2019-08-31 alle 08.37.04.png

The bombing of Umbertide took place on 25 April 1944; 12 Kittyhawk of the SAAF allied aviation did not hit the bridge over the Tiber which was their goal to cut the retreat to the German troops and instead hit the town, the "Borgo San Giovanni". 70 died, people "evacuated" from the city also because there were two more bombings in the following period.

In 2002 due to the sensitivity of Professor Mariella Migliorati,  of other teachers, together with Eng. Mario Tosti,  the pupils of the 3e  of the middle school of Umbertide told in poetry the lives of the 70  broken lives, first counted in 74, in a small book published by the Municipality of Umbertide: "Voices of Memory". A kind of little "Spoon River" ... only with real pain.

For some time now, however, it was a William Thayer, interpreter, history enthusiast and webmaster who gave it digital life  who from 1997 to 2004 visited Italy and stopped several times in Umbertide (recounting it in his diary ), being struck by the bombing. Having come into possession of the book, he published everything online with the permission of the Municipality of Umbertide:**/home.html


Building above the current Via Mancini hit by the bombs on 25 April 1944

This is the list of the people who died there:

Pupils Pierucci Antonio aged 45, Arrunategni Rivas Mario aged 37,  Baiocco Giulia  17 years old, Anna Banelli years old  3, Banelli Hamlet of years  36, Barattini Neodemia of the 60s,  Barn owl Antonio of years  82, Bartoccioli Giulia aged 38,  Bebi Elda aged 45,  Bebi Luciano  16 years old,  Bebi Mari Domenica aged 33, Bebi Tecla  32 years old,  Bendini Annunziata aged 17, Bernacchi Anna Maria aged 2,  Bernacchi Benedetto of years  84,  Bernacchi Raffaele aged 5,  Bernacchi Valentino aged 4, Boldrini Cecilia  of years  24, Boldrini Elisabetta  aged 52, Boncristiani Rosa  88 years old, Borgarelli Armede Gina  25 years old, Borgarelli Ester  75 years old, Cambiotti Amalia  6 years old,  Goats Assunta  43 years old, Ceccarelli Marianella  14 years old, Ceccarelli Rosanna  20 years old, Ciocchetti Fausto  22 years old, Ciocchetti Giuseppe  15 years old, Cozzari Veronica  45 years old, Cozzari Virginia  21 years old, Domenico Donnini  1 year old, Donnini Gianfranco  3 years old, Fagioli Franca  10 years old, Ferrari Alfonso  aged 74, Galmacci Realino  aged 54, Gambucci Ubaldo  49 years old, Grandi Giuseppina  14 years old, Leonessa Licinio  20's, Marianna Manuals  from the 80s, Massetti Anna Paola  3 years old, Mastriforti Marianna  67 years old, Mazzanti Graziella  3 years old, Merli Argentina  aged 24, Mischianti Angelo  84 years old,  Mischianti Ida  18 years old, Monfeli Galeno  35 years old, Montanucci Felicia  37 years old, Mortini Elvira  18 years old, Orlandi Augusta  57 years old, Palazzetti Angela  of years  31, Palazzetti Assunta aged 11, Panbuffetti Giovanna  13 years old, Pierini Giuseppe  12 years old, Pierotti Giulia  49 years old, Porrini Assunta  62 years old, Renato Bengasina  32 years old, Renga Rosalinda  36 years old, Renzini Maria  31 years old, Romitelli Rina  18 years old, Luisa Rondini  age 79, Sabbiniani Leopolda  46 years old, Santini Letizia  64 years old, Mario Scartocci  22 years old, Selleri Angelo  2 years old, Selleri Giuseppe  41 years old, Selleri Pasquale  4 years old, Tognaccini Delma  36 years old, Tognaccini Zarelia  from the 80s, Violins Lina   22 years old, Villarini Bruno  25 years old.

Of this attempt to bring back the "voice",  that's life,  of our Umbertidesi who died in the bombing  we invite you to read the verses dedicated to  Giuseppe Selleri  who died together with his wife, Assunta Caprini, and his two sons, Pasquale aged 4 and Angelo aged 2 leaving the only surviving son Pompeo​ why the bombs fell on his way to elementary school:


We had recently moved to  Umbertide from Preggio: 
we had three young children 
one close to  other .  .  . And  my wife could 
so rely on  help of the sisters. 
TO  Preggio I was postman, 
here I found work at Miccioni, better known as Paris, 
And  I was a shoemaker in the shop 
near the "Fornaci". 
Ours was an unfortunate choice: 
we went to meet  a destiny 
which could not be more tragic. 
that morning, my wife Assunta, 
back from school 
where he had accompanied his eldest son, 
she stopped at the "Pompone" 
to fill the jugs.  .  . 
THE  small were still a  read .  .  . 
I was at work. 
Although we were in different places 
L'  death scream of the bombers reached us all.  .  . 
L'  black shadow has enveloped i  our children 
saving only one.  .  . 
May other planes come for him; 
may airplanes of peace fly for him!

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