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The traditions

In this section you will find contributions on our traditions.  

In the subsections will be inserted the stories of the individual customs. For now you will find the subsections: on the "crosses in the fields", on the "Ciccicocco", on the "Baca", on the "Street Games" and on the "Kitchen".  

The new page also, "memory and traditions,  curated by Sergio Magrini Alunno,  is a connecting page of a large "subsection" dedicated to the world of the last century, especially in the mid-1900s, which saw the end of sharecropping and economic development rapidly changing the economic and social fabric  of our country (actually of our entire country, or rather of Italy) and act as a watershed in memory. remembrance of customs and ways of life that we want to preserve.


Photo of the large tree that was present in front of the Garibaldi elementary school in the "gardens". 1960s photos  by unknown author.  We temporarily insert our watermark until the right attribution.

The "voices" are at the beginning, some little more than set but so let's begin our story. We look forward to growing with your help.

Schermata 2019-11-03 alle 08.32.43.jpg



- Photo: Francesco Deplanu

- Photo: historical photos of Umbertide from the web and from various private archives  to which  we applied the " umbertidestoria " watermark  in this way we try to avoid that further disclosure on our part favors purposes that are not consonant with our intentions exclusively  social and cultural.

Help us remember

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