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25 April

April 25 in Umbertide means more things. Joy and pain, death and liberation ... 1944 with the bombing;  the 1945 liberation.  

The first, ours, you can deepen with the pages of Alvaro Tacchini on "the Atlas of memory " with the contextualization of the events that our people underwent when they crossed the front in April 1944; in Fabio Mariotti's " Paths of Memory ", one can relive the pain of an entire community that will count 70 victims; with the "V oci della memoria " it will be possible to enter in an attempt to keep the memory of the people who lost their lives that day.

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April 25, 1944: The bombing of Borgo San Giovanni and the death of 70 fellow citizens

(edited by Fabio Mariotti)

Twelve British Curtiss P - 40 Kittyhawk aircraft departed from the Cutella field airport in Puglia to destroy the road bridge over the Tiber and make it more difficult for the Germans to retreat. It was April 25, 1944. A date that the people of Umbria will not forget. Between 9 and 9.30 the allied squadron flew the sky over Umbertide, with its load of two large-caliber bombs per plane (altogether about 4 tons of explosives ). After several vaults above Romeggio, the planes headed towards Serra Partucci, in favor of the sun, from which they swooped down towards the bridge over the Tiber. But the bombs (as Roberto Sciurpa wrote in his volume “Umbertide in the 20th century 1900 - 1946, from which this information is taken) were not yet“ intelligent ”(if ever there will be intelligent bombs) and they often missed the target. This unfortunately also happened to Umbertide. The bombs, dropped at regular intervals of about 30 seconds between one couple and the other, instead of hitting the bridge, all but two ended up on the houses in the historic center. It was a massacre. 70 people, including 46 women, were buried under the rubble.

This is war. These are what today they call "side effects" that always and inexorably affect civilians, the most defenseless people. To avoid even these effects, there is only one universal system, stop wars and always work for peace.

And then the other 25 April, that of 1945 with the liberation and the end of the war, a national event that is celebrated throughout Italy. Liberation that occurred in a broader military context connected with  the front of Eastern Europe and the "French" one: on 25 April with "Elba day" they united.


The release with the actions of the CLNAI can be explored with the link to "April 25, 1945" on the site dedicated by RaiCultura. At the same time American and Soviet troops joined at Torgau on the Elbe River. The action revealed  the end of the Nazi system which occurred a few days later with the Battle of Berlin, giving the sensation of an ephemeral concord that was in reality only military. By following the link you can reach an in-depth page on Elbe Day.

April 25, 1945 - 2020: Seventy-five years from the Liberation

(edited by Fabio Mariotti)


April 25, 1945 is the day on which the Upper Italy National Liberation Committee (CLNAI) - whose command was based in Milan and was chaired by Alfredo Pizzoni, Luigi Longo, Emilio Sereni, Sandro Pertini and Leo Valiani (present among others the president designate Rodolfo Morandi, Giustino Arpesani and Achille Marazza) - proclaimed a general insurrection in all the territories still occupied by the Nazi-fascists, indicating to all the partisan forces active in Northern Italy that are part of the Volunteer Corps of Freedom to attack the fascist presidia and Germans by imposing surrender, days before the arrival of the allied troops; at the same time, CLNAI personally issued legislative decrees, assuming power "in the name of the Italian people and as a delegate of the Italian Government".

Since then April 25 has been a national holiday, the anniversary of the liberation of Italy. It is in fact a fundamental day for the history of Italy as a symbol of the victorious struggle of military and political resistance carried out by the allied armed forces, the Italian Cobelligerant Army and the partisan forces during the Second World War starting from 8 September 1943 against the fascist government of the Italian Social Republic and the Nazi occupation.

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