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Virtual place of memory and identity in motion

Who we are

We are a group of history lovers and scholars who want to create a space for the transmission of documents, memories and traditions of our city. The aim is the development of a shared identity that is inclusive of those who lived and those who live in Umbertide.

The cultural and economic aspects, together with the Second World War,  over time they have shaped the city, with its architectural elements and its spaces, but also the rural territory which for centuries has maintained its characteristic of scattered "settlement" and polyculture.

For about 70 years, the scenario has been rapidly evolving.

We are convinced that knowing the past, or who we were, will help  understand how the life of the population will be structured, that is  who we will be.  


Knowing allows you to have "new eyes" to see ... and think.

COLLEGIATA NOTTEarchivio deplanu.jpg

 2019   |   the "Collegiate" -  S. Maria della Regghia

GIORNO DI FIERA-ANNI20Storiche archivio

 About 1920   | the fourteenth-century fortress and the market

P1020196_1_1archivio deplanu.jpg

The Abbey of Montecorona during the flood of the Tiber in 2005. By clicking here you can to download the photo in original resolution. For a study of the extent of the flood in Umbria you can see the IRPI report here   ( Authority of  Basin of the River Tiber).

The information from the birth of the first residential agglomerations to the first archive news, The rapid time of political changes from the Middle Ages to the history of the twentieth century, the architectural remains,  our monuments and  works of art, the slow pace of changes in the territory that have come to define our landscape, the structuring of traditions, family memory ... all this defines the identity of a place and of the people who live there. Please help us to remember by sending photos (with date and place if possible), reporting  errors on our texts, suggesting improvements or writing your memoirs, possibly with historical and contemporary sources, to build a vision of our future.

Those who choose to send us images can choose to do  overwrite, with the "water mark" technique, your "name and surname" or "family archive ..." on your photos, this to prevent the images from being used once on the web beyond the cultural purposes that we aim. For the same reason we have applied the " umbertidestoria " watermark over the historical photos of Umbertide which have been on the web for some time and in various private archives; in this way we try to avoid that further disclosure on our part favors purposes that are not consonant with our intentions.

We come out publicly with parts that are incomplete and to be improved.

Ours is an ongoing project that needed to be shared in order to grow.  

For now, thank you ...

Adil, Adriano, Alberto, Alessandro, Alessandro C.,  Andrea Levi, Anna, Anna Maria, Brunella, Diego, Dritan, Fabio, Federico, Francesco, Giovanna, Giovanni, Giulio, Imperia, Isotta, Mario, Miriam,  Loredana, Kalida, Paola, Silvia, Simona, Tiziana, Valentina RV, Valentina P. and all those who have sent us photos or supported.

Help us remember

EH Carr  

"Change is certain. Progress is not "  

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